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Shabbat • שבת

The Jewish Sabbath is a 25-hour oasis of peace and tranquility.

The stress of the week gets placed on hold as we take the time to turn our focus inward:

to reflect, connect, and heal.

The Basics

The Basics

  • Whereas the Saturday on our calendars begins at midnight, the Jewish Shabbos begins on Friday at sunset. It ends about twenty-five hours later, on Saturday at nightfall. Therefore, the beginning and end times for Shabbos fluctuate according to the season: it starts early and ends early in the winter, and starts later and ends later in the summer.

  • Jews usher in Shabbos by lighting candles on Friday evening, eighteen minutes before the sunsets. These lights set a festive tone and honor the day of Shabbos in a distinctive way. They also convey a symbolic sense of serenity that many Jews associate with Shabbos. When a Jewish couple lives together, it is the woman who traditionally lights the candles.​

​Shabbat Prayers and Blessings:

  •  It’s a mitzvah to verbally declare Shabbat separate and holy. We do this on Friday nights—once during prayers, and then again holding a cup of wine before we begin our evening meal. This declaration of sanctification is known as Kiddush.​​


  • Havdalah is Hebrew for “separation” and refers to the verbal declaration made at the end of Shabbat or a Jewish holiday, in which the holy day is separated from the mundane period that follows. Since Jewish days begin and end with nightfall, havdalah may be said only once darkness has fallen on Saturday night.​

Candle Lighting

Candle Lighting

Women and girls usher in Shabbat by lighting candles 18 minutes before sunset, bringing light, peace, and blessing into the world.

While in a hospital that doesn't allow open flames, patients may light electric candles.

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Requst Kit

Request a Kit

All the ingredients for a healing and rejuvenating Shabbat: candles to light, grape juice and challah to bless and enjoy, and thoughts to inspire.

Find a local Chabad to request a kit.


Experience Shabbat

"To Create Warmth" is a multimedia experience will take you on a journey through the beautiful preparations for Shabbat and the songs, delicacies, and tales of the night.

Join a family for Shabbat dinner and experience the warmth, connection, and love of a traditional Shabbat evening.


Preview the Experience:

To have this experience  shown in your healthcare center, contact your Chabad rabbi or submit a request to

Experience Shabbat

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It has been said that "More than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews."

The laws, customs, and stories of Shabbat are as numerous and diverse as they are relevant and beautiful.


Explore and learn more about this central aspect of Jewish life.

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Our Sages say:

"On the day of Shabbos, healing is soon to come."

שבת היא מלזעוק ורפואה קרובה לבוא

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