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Saluting Our
Hometown Maccabees

All the resources you need for a meaningful and engaging Chanukah campaign


Invite your community and local hospitals to join together in thanking our Healthcare Heroes!


Nominate a local healthcare worker for the opportunity to thank and gather with medical professionals, patients, and families from your community. Form personal relationships in a unique and beautiful way, and gain contacts and access to medical centers throughout your city.

How do I use this campaign?


- Making a Chanukah event?

Take a few minutes to recognize a local healthcare hero by presenting them with a certificate, or adding a themed activity to your program. Publicize your event and nominee with a press release!


- Visiting the hospital?

Give patients the opportunity to fill out a thank-you card, give medical staff a proud Maccabee sticker to wear, or attach a poster to a hospital cart to create an exciting Chanukah feel!


- Keeping it virtual?

Use social media to nominate a healthcare hero each night of Chanukah, or one for the whole Yom Tov. Share the campaign and thank-you cards, and encourage community members to reach out to a healthcare professional they know!


If you haven't already, click here to nominate a local healthcare professional for a chance to be recognized by Chabad on Call HQ!

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Thank You Card

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Share the Campaign

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Lapel Pins

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Nominate a Nightly Hero

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Event Flyer

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Custom Face Masks

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Letter to Healthcare Facility

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Event Schedule

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Poster for Carts


Press Release

Get your community involved in nominating a hometown hero!

We'll choose one to spotlight each night of Chanukah.

Copy of Logo HCH Chanukah (1).png

Maccabees: /makəh-bēz/

A small group of heroic Jewish fighters during the era of the Holy Temple, who fought against a colossal army trying to destroy Judaism. Against all odds, they succeeded. 

Judaism continues to thrive.

The Menorah continues to shine.


This Chanukah, let's take the message of the holiday home by thanking a local healthcare hero, a modern-day Maccabee. 


Say thank-you to a healthcare worker, hand out gifts, send us a message to pass on, or express your gratitude in your own way!


Shine a spotlight. #Maccabees #ChabadonCall

Questions? Let's be in touch. | 718-774-4000


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