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Kosher Food

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Kosher Diet

Some people erroneously think that kosher food means food that was blessed by a rabbi. In reality, kosher means “fit”—that is, foods that were prepared in accordance with the many laws in Judaism that cover every food category and every aspect of its preparation, and thus “fit” for consumption. Sometimes, a rabbi is required to supervise the food production to ensure that it was prepared in accordance with these laws.

Here is a brief overview of the laws of kosher:

• Certain animals, birds, fish, and insects (and their derivatives) may not be consumed.

• Animals and birds that may be consumed must be killed and prepared in a very specific manner.

• We do not eat milk and meat together.


It may sound like only a few laws, but within each of these are a host of details.

Many hospitals have kosher meal plans available upon request. Please be in touch with your local Chabad rabbi or contact us for assistance. 



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