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Jewish Cultural Awareness 

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Culturally competent care has been linked to better patient-staff relationships and improved patient outcomes. It also increases staff and patient satisfaction with the care provided.

Why Specifically Jewish Care?


With that in mind, we offer a course designed to help medical staff understand the cultural practices of their Jewish patients, so you can better address their needs.

What It Is


Introduction to Cultural Awareness for Jewish Patients is a 50-minute multimedia presentation, delivered by a local trained and knowledgeable rabbi or chaplain who is familiar with the hospital environment. The course is engaging, interactive, and practical, and includes specific examples of and suggestions for situations you may encounter. 


Target Audience

The presentation is designed for all healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, aides, dietary professionals, labor and delivery staff, and other practitioners. 


Program Goal


The goal of the program is to improve the healthcare experience of Jewish patients by promoting an understanding and appreciation by healthcare practitioners. By recognizing Jewish customs and practices that may arise in the hospital setting, participants will learn the ways they can support and enhance the Jewish patient experience.


Topics Covered


Key topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Kosher dietary restrictions

  • Sabbath customs

  • Jewish holidays

  • Prayer

  • Birth practices

  • End-of-life and postmortem issues


Practical examples will be provided along with guidance for each situation. The presenter will be available for individual questions and will provide his or her contact information for future inquiries.

To bring this course to your medical facility, contact your local Chabad Rabbi or send us an email.

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