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Get your community involved in sharing smiles and positivity!

On Rosh Hashana we crown Hashem our king, as a way of giving recognition and thanks for all the good He does for us. 


This month, we're crowning caregivers to give thanks for all they do to help others.


Engage your community with an interactive campaign celebrating caregivers in the neighborhood with beautiful cards, exciting events, and catchy smiles.

Below you'll find all the marketing, programming, links, resources, and guidance you need to hit the ground running with this initiative.


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Whether it's for a loved one, friend, or neighbor, we each know a caregiver who makes all the difference.

Encourage your community to join in sharing our gratitude and support for these crucial members of our community.

Questions? Let's be in touch. Info@chabadoncall.com | 718-774-4000


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