Jewish Law & Customs

Help your patients and their families have a more pleasant stay by acquainting yourself with their customs, and the laws that apply when in a hospital setting.

Levels of observance are diverse and vary: Ask patients for individual practices.

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Jewish law prescribes specific procedures on how to treat the deceased, from the moment of passing until the burial. Respecting the body of one who has passed is of primary importance.



The Jewish Sabbath begins Friday at sundown and concludes at dark on Saturday. We can provide electric candles for lighting, and other resources for a complete Shabbat experience.


The patient and family will mostly likely wish to have their beliefs upheld during this difficult time. Browse through some of the the customs and procedures, and know what to expect.

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 It may be difficult for a patient to celebrate a festival in its traditional manner while in the hospital, but your recognition and acknowledgement can make all the difference.



Many Jews will only eat food which is kosher, meaning it was prepared in accordance with all of the Torah's dietary laws. Many hospitals have Kosher meals available upon request. 


Have you ever wondered about the black boxes that religious men pray with? Or how often they pray? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Jews and Judaism.

Prayer and Religious Articles

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