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Share CARE with your community throughout the year!

Illness impacts the patient, family, caregivers, and community.

Let's share the CARE by supporting and bringing positivity to those affected.

Each program below has aspects that can be done individually or with a group of volunteers.


On Rosh Hashana we crown Hashem our king, as a way of thanks and recognition for all the good He does for us. This month, we're crowning caregivers to give thanks for all they do to assist others.

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Let's use the messages of Chanukah and the inspiring story of the Maccabees to salute a local healthcare hero, a modern-day Maccabee. 

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Creating Smiles

Bring the happiness and joy of Adar to patients and the homebound! 

If you have ideas and would like to get involved in this project, please message us at

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